Authentic Details for Design and Restoration

Featured in Early American Life, August 2007; pages 2, 72–75, 78–85

Storage is an unending problem for all homeowners—where to put the lawnmower, bicycles, ladders, wheelbarrow and still have room for your car. For lovers of traditional architecture, this dilemma is thoughtfully resolved in Harrison’s GARDEN HOUSE and PRIVIES.


The fourth book in this continuing series brings together a variety of handsome designs of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century privies. It is the first scholarly study of the architectural genius of the American necessary, or outhouse. Each chapter reveals styles from various periods: Colonial, Greek Revival, Gothic, Tuscan, French and Swiss. Demonstrating the ingenuity of famous men: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Duncan Phife and 19th century architects Calvert Vaux, George E. Woodward, A. J. Bicknell, and George and Charles Palliser. Examples of brick and wood; plain to palatial including details of finials, doors, windows and ventilators to help complete authentic reproductions or restorations of these small-scale structures.

Volume IV

• First edition

• Navy brown cloth cover

• Marbleized end papers

• Monograph

• 288 pages / 253 illustrations

• Part I—Colonial Times and Republic (1700–1820)

• Part II—Later Times (1820–1875)

• Part III—Modern Times (1875–1900)

• ©2002 / Printed in the USA

• ISBN 0-471-20332-7




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