Historic Building Plans

The Architects and Builders Companion

Created by Peter Joel Harrison, HISTORIC BUILDING PLANS will assist you in accurately producing
your own Early American Structures. A must for Architects, Builders, Landscapers and Designers.

the dependencies

Each 8" X 10"  envelope contains three different designs with interchangeable details such as doors, windows and finials to make your project meet your demands. So lovely are these droughts, you will want to frame them when you are done.

the fences Series

Fences Series I

FENCES SERIES I contains all the necessary details and dimensions to build a paled fence, with three different gate choices and six authentic styles for the palings.

FENCE PALES SERIES II through VII hold a unique collection of additional paling designs gathered from historic sites, private houses, and old photographs. Seventy-two different styles, all identified with their location.

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